Official Commercial Support is available
Canonical Support
The Canonical Global Support Services team understands challenges faced when introducing and maintaining new platforms and applications
Their experience and knowledge base facilitates a maximimum return on Linux investments
Professional Support Services are available
Canonical Partner Support
Official Canonical Partners have proven experience with our software
Free Documentation
Ubuntu Help Site
Our Documentation site contains official documentation developed and maintained by the Ubuntu Documentation Team
Free Community Support
Ubuntu & Education Community
A range of free support options are available from the Ubuntu Community, including
user forums
IRC channels
mailing lists
wiki sites
Multi-Language Community Support
Ubuntu Local Languages Packs available for over 150 languages
Ubuntu Local Community Teams provide multi-language community support
translation of Ubuntu and associated applications into local languages
local regional and language support
organisation of local regional community meetings & user groups
Technical Answers System
Launchpad Questions, Answers and Bug Reports
Support questions can be added in the tech answers system which is a part of the Launchpad system
Queries remain active until a community member offers an answer which solves the problem
Search through all other questions which have been asked and answered