Reduced costs for large scale deployments
All the software is totally free
Education Departments can Legally Copy and Distribute Software
Copies can be made for the education department, schools, teachers and students
students can take all the software home with them to install on their home PCs
Time & Resources Savings on Licence Administration
licence free, not free-licence
no conditional licence or potential expiry of concession
no registrations required
no software licence/asset register to maintain
Software Licence Savings can be Invested Elsewhere
Money saved can be invested in
additional hardware
teacher professional development & training
support services
Ubuntu in Your Local Language
language packs available for over 150 languages
includes the very best localisation that the free software community has to offer
includes accessibility infrastructure
Broad range of Support is available
Free Documentation
Official Canonical Support, Canonical Partner and Affiliate Support
Certified Training is available