hi all … Valentine’s Day is coming, had prepared a gift for your loved ones ??
okay for this time, we will discuss how to celebrate Valentine cross country LOL. So for you who experienced long-distance relationship, this must be your thoughts. Don’t be sad because a lot of things we can do with a partner, although far apart.

well… as we all know, Valentine’s Day is a day full of love LOL (but true love can every day… not only Valentine’s Day, I think), but for me valentine day is chocolate day of the world LOL (who’s gonna give me chocolate?? hehe ).
Well… Valentine’s Day on 14th February, all the couples compete to show his love by giving flowers or chocolate as a symbol of love for lover (except my boyfriend LOL).

But how about the long-distance courtship especially when different countries (ooh really sad). Okay I’ll give you a few ways to outsmart your Valentine’s Day which is remotely related to celebrate Valentine’s Day (for which celebrating of course).

Here are some ways to show affection on Valentine day later:

1. call him in the early morning to say “Happy Valentine’s Day” and don’t forget to make the song “homemade” or love poem (or a copy of an Mr.x poem, for example, if you’re not the romance-writer type) as a valentine gift you. Telling your significant other how much they mean to you, how much you miss them, and how you can not wait till the next time you see each other.
2. Look for Online store the payment through bank account transfer (of course shop in the country where your boyfriend lives) shops selling chocolates or a bouquet of flowers, then you can order flowers or chocolates and ask to be delivered to your home or office lover.
3. Make a short film ahead of time with only you in it, a short film is the perfect way to really “show” your lover how much you care. And it can be sent through a courier service and made to arrive whenever you want.
4. Giving surprise by flying to the country where your lover lives, if you don’t have enough money you should look for Valentine’s Day ticket promo. It must be your boyfriend was so surprised and thrilled when you send a short message with the sentence “I was under, would you come down for dinner together to celebrate Valentine’s Day with me”, wow very romantic LOL.
5. The last way is the most powerful ways of utilizing the Internet service, this way is also very powerful way to show your affection. You can send a valentine card “homemade”, or you can use camera and chatting, telling your significant other how much they mean to you, how much you miss them, and how you can not wait till the next time you see each other.

Well, hopefully this way can outsmart your Valentine’s Day is to provide a few surprises on your spouse undergoing long-distance relationship. Essentially a long-distance love story on Valentine’s Day do not be depressed just because you are not with someone you love. You can create crazy ideas and creative ways to celebrate your love so that you both still love even if you tighten a separate place. How about your opinion, do you have creative ideas of others? Share here pleace…

And last I just wanted to say “Happy Valentine’s Day” for my boyfriend and to all who have taken the time to read this, Thank you very much. I love you all…