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Shaking hands is a human habit to interact with each other, meaning many of them shaking hands with, a relationship, kinship to build cooperation in a business. The handshake itself has a long ethical force, as shaking hands shows personality. maybe we often underestimate the ethics shake hands, but on or within a particular group handshake is very important and meaningful! can-we can not get a response or less than a behavior we just shook hands with the wrong attitude!

Do you remember how upset you are when shaking hands with someone who gave a very weak position limp or otherwise too loud excited.

Do not let your people categorized as either not impressive when shaking hands. Here are some techniques of effective handshake:

1. Look at the other person’s eyes while shaking hands with him. There is nothing more than ignoring the handshake without eyes. This shows disrespect or not interested. By looking the other person when shaking hands, you develop confidence and self-confidence.
2. Shake hands from palm to palm. Do not shake hands with the palms to reconcile with the fingers, or fingers with a finger. With shaking hands from palm to palm (whole) will give the feeling friendly and not leave feeling uncomfortable or hurt.
3. Do not be too familiar. Some people act in excess by pulling your opponent’s hand and a hard swing to the top down. These handshake with “big mouth”. Be confident, do not make other people upset.
4. Realize the limitations of physical person. The elderly, disabled, or the patient may have a bone arthistis the weak and limited motion. Hurt someone when shaking hands may actually close the door instead of opening the door a good relationship.
5. Remember to create a meaningful handshake. If you shook hands and quickly pull your hand and continue the conversation as if nothing happened, then people will regard it as insignificant handshake and insincere.

Give your opponent a few moments to show your attention through eye contact or conversation before you pull your hands. They will feel that they are met with a decent person.

Wow … “From Zero to Hero” seems to be very difficult to imagine let alone for the achieved. Being a successful requires effort was not easy.. Many people start a success from the bottom as the saying goes “from zero to hero”.

To achieve success you must instill in your mind that “Never give up”. And there are some components that you must have… -Vision-, that is what you want to achieve, -Spirit-, meaning the more your spirit the more you earn, -Hard work-, meaning you have to work hard to obtain results that camp provides an opportunity for your success, -Learning- meaning more and more is learned, the more you know to be successful.

And most important is “Never give up”, I think there are 3 important points that we can draw from the above elements to realize the word “From Zero to Hero”, the point is:

1. A strong desire, is associated with vision or plan elements that we want to achieve. If we have a strong desire then we are indirectly motivated for it.
2. Great spirit, is associated with the element of spirit, hard work and learning. If we have a will then there must be an opportunity or chance, do not be afraid “Life is a learning peroses”.
3. Strong beliefs, be sure that you can … you must be!, in this world nothing can not. now if you have friends who are better off (have to get success) than you, will be assured that one day this situation will turn around

Yesterday, I opened blog a friend and found writing about Facebook. Hopefully useful for all …

A friend complained, “her account facebook has been hacked “. All the photos gone. Can not login. In the end, my friend had received email containing the threat from hackers. His photographs will be modified in such a way as to be immoral photos complete with negative stories. Photos and stories will be distributed all over the world, except my friends want to pay according to the hacker wants.

Tsk … tsk … tsk ….. I was furious to hear that. she was stressful. So did her husband.
My friend cautioned, if I receive a friend add requests on behalf of the id, to rejected it. Because it was not her.

Well, this story can be made the lesson for all of us who have fesbuk account. Please, do not try to write all the detail information about ourselves. So did the photos. if you want to show pictures to distant family, could by email, not in facebook.

Although we had arranged our privacy, such as who can see profiles, who can see the pictures, or who can comment status, can still show the nature of information and important details. Complete address, telephone number / hp, not included. Than sorry later on. We don’t know all around us, there are many hackers who are ready to devour any time anywhere.

And not arbitrary to accept the request add friend of the people who we know guns. Even if we know, who ensures that it really our friend, or a hacker pretending to be our friend?
If you need to make a personal question that can be trusted only our friends (not hackers) who can answer.

And, frequently change the password. Create a complex password, for example ggrr56rrhh #@%** (This symbol is more like a symbol of anger … lol). And don’t forget the password recorded on paper, not to forget our own, so couldn’t login.

I think, the less information that we show in fesbuk (or any other account on the internet), then worry we will also directly proportional to the quantity of infoormation.

Illustration, we kept the money like a hundred thousand in the bank ….( hehe no intention of saving money in the bank). Although banks failed, or the owners fled across the sea, we still have to live light … not just a hundred thousand are missing. Right?

You have a bad habit? should leave your bad habits. As we know, the brain is a vital part of the center of the control of all the nerve. The brain also regulates heart rate, blood pressure, muscle movement, body temperature, memory function, emotion and so on.
For that, the brain needs to be maintained properly, and following some behavior or habit that may weaken the human brain works:

1. Smoking
Smoking has a terrible impact on the brain. Substances toxic chemicals in cigarettes are inhaled, such as carbon monoxide, can block the blood’s ability to carry oxygen throughout the body including the brain, causing rapid shrinkage of the brain. Imagine, when the brain shrinks, and eventually loses its functions, so prone to causing Alzheimer’s disease. In addition, substance nicotine in cigarettes can reduce levels of good cholesterol (HDL) and raise bad cholesterol (LDL) in the blood so that, fat transport to be disrupted and eventually clog arteries. As a result, may hinder the transportation of oxygen and nutrients to the brain, and when the brain does not get the oxygen it can cause death.
2. Sleep Deprivation
While sleeping, the brain will relax and restore capabilities. Lack of sleep for a long time will accelerate damage brain cells, and brain dead from exhaustion.
3. No breakfast,
Don’t consume food in the morning can reduce blood sugar levels so Nutri flowing to the brain is also reduced, and the resulting weakening of the brain’s performance.
4. Sugar levels are too high
Too much sugar intake will prevent the absorption of protein and nutrients that the body that cause the brain to nutritional deficiencies and nutritional imbalances that would interfere with brain development.
5. Covering the head when sleeping
The habit of sleeping with his head covered with a bad habit that is dangerous because it can increase the concentration of carbon dioxide resulting in lower oxygen process may cause brain damage effects.
6. Too much to eat
Too much food can harden the brain vessels due to accumulation of fat in the blood vessel wall. This can lead to weakening of the brain’s performance, especially mental strength.
7. Working when sick
Forcing the brain to work when sick, can cause excessive fatigue on the brain and reduce the effectiveness of the work that can damage the brain.
8. Too much sucking air pollution
The brain is the largest oxygen consumer in the human body. Inhaling polluted air or too long in the environment with air pollution can reduce oxygen supply to the brain causing the brain’s performance becomes less efficient.
9. Rarely speak or communicate
Communications became one of the means to accelerate the ability of the brain work. Communicate can lead to optimal intellectual functioning brain works. With intellectual person will communicate well trained and developed to bring great impact to the brain.
10. Rarely thought
Thinking is the best way to train the brain works. Lack of stimulation in the brain can reduce working capacity of nerve cells, causing brain mengkerutnya brain, and the performance of the brain become less maximal.

All human always had this experience. As bad mood can make us quick-tempered and sensitive, are not aware we can issue harsh words or less enjoyable. And it is this which makes the people around us feel uncomfortable.

No hypocrite, I am also so ((: LoL:)). I don’t know why ??
According to my research a lot of reasons that cause a bad mood and cause bad tempered. The following are some reasons that I can from my experience and my research:

1. Office environment, Because scolded leaders or be gossip material in the office.
2. School environment, Teacher reprimanded, or classmates ridiculed for bad values.
3. Another reason, perhaps there is something you want is not reached, as they are not able to work, arguing with the boyfriend, fighting with parents or relatives. And special for women are usually due to PMS (premenstrual syndrome) LOL.
4. If you don’t find the reason, means the nature of you is like that.. accept and try to cure your sickness! because it is not good for your social life.

Okay now we don’t question the reasons for it, not important to discuss (LOL). Time for us to find ways to cope with bad moods and bad Tempered.

After my own research, ask for opinions from friends and avid reader of psychology, finally I found some ways to overcome this disease. Here are tips invention may be useful for you who are infected with this disease. if not better apologize in advance, because it’s not like prescription drugs (LOL).

1. When bad heart condition, many people do therapy as follows:
* close your eyes …. took a deep breath… hold breath for 3-5 seconds …. and then exhale the breath …
* close your eyes … imagine the interesting events that make you happy …
* away from the people around you, find a quiet place …. close your eyes…. and shouted to get rid of any resentment or annoyance that makes you bad mood or bad Tempered …

2. seeking activities that make us comfortable and forget all your problems, for example:
* Listen to your favorite songs from your cool iPod or laptop, while singing.
* Watching funny movies starring your favorite actor, it can make you smile again.
* Window shop or shopping, for the love shopping, especially the women usually overcome the problem with the single word “time to go shopping” … LOL
* Eat, eat your favorite foods like ice cream or chocolate.

3. Be mature, do not make this strange disease becomes your hobby.
4. case for PMS (premenstrual syndrome) hehe … (only for girls), do not make these reasons as the cause of each month you are always bad moods and bad Tempered. You must know that this is only the fruit of your mind, commonly called the Mindset.

This way it will not survive, like when we take the medicine and immediate recovered. Because the disease is different from other diseases, this disease does not require medication but only requires a willingness from ourselves. Whenever we want and there is a chance, this disease will emerge again. So, my tips might be useful only if you remember, if you are weak memory oooh how lucky you!!! LOL…

okay good luck everybody!!!
Make your life happier by always positive thinking

Until now we always talk about the “mind” but if you already know for sure that the definition of the mind?
To speak about the definition of mind, very difficult to define with
words. The mind is the mind itself, the mind is not the body, it can be said that the mind plays a very important role in human happiness itself. With our minds can act either negatively or positively with the appropriate reward to the act.

How to control our thoughts? This question often I find and I heard from my friends. We can control our minds through the five senses we are already there since birth is: Eyes, nose, ears, skin and tongue.

So we usually can control our minds through our interactions with the five senses. For example, when we do not like with one dish or food, then we can develop an awareness that “oh .. this is the tongue, one of the food as an object of the tongue. So when we don’t like taste of the food, we know that this is a natural thing that happens, this may result from a sense of food that does not fit with our tongue “. with this awareness, we can decide, whether this should be abandoned or be left, it depends on the way your thinking.

Application of the above principles can be done on other senses are of course with each object. Here is the object of our five senses:

1.Senses eye, the object of all that we see all things living or inanimate object that we like it or not.
2.The nose senses, the object of smell or fragrance.
3.The ear senses, the object of a great voice, a small, rough or smooth.
4.Skin senses, the object is rough or smooth surfaces.
5.The tongue senses, the object that is feel good or bad.

Every individual in this life aware that any decisions made in life have their risks. There are good and bad risks, but if the mind to think that these risks are common or natural person’s life then it will feel lighter and there is no pressure (stress). If it is developed, reflected upon and implemented correctly, then in one’s life would not have found a trauma because he knew that the trauma is the result of past events the memory of chasing and haunting thoughts and when we realize that the only memory that is formed through the natural aware of the memory can be eliminated little by little. Things like this do take time to be implemented continuously, not been able to briefly unconscious but necessary process completely. Keep in mind that the development of training is more intensive and ultimately achieved an element of discretion in life.

As written on Atthakatha Dhammapada verse 36 as follows:

“The mind is very difficult to see, very soft and subtle, the mind moves as he pleased. A wise man is always keeping his mind, someone who kept his mind will be happy.”

Let us think positively, because with our positive thoughts can be positive that produces happiness in life. Let us always think positive about everything to gain success.